Muktinath Hiking

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  Duration : 13 Days
Muktinath is famous for its ancient Hindu Temples of god Vishnu, Most sacred Hindu site in Nepal which is located 48km northeast of Jomsom at the summit of 2800m in Mustang Nepal. The main shrine of the temple is designed in the Pagoda style which symbolizes the religious symbiosis between Buddhists and Hindu. The statue of God is made of gold which depicts metal statues of Lord Vishnu, Saraswati, Goddess Laxmi, Janaki, Garuda, Sapta Rishis and Lava-Kush. The Sanskrit word “Muktinath” derives from “Mukti” and “Nath”. Here “Mukti” means “Salvation or Nirvana” and “Nath” means “God”. According to Hindu Myth, God Vishnu was got salvation from the curse of Brinda (wife of Jalandhar), so Hindu people generally believe that all miseries are relieved once you visit the Muktinath Temple and bath in the 108 waterspouts (Muktidhara) in the backyard of this temple. The pagoda style shrine is considered to be one of the eight sacred places known as Svayam Vyakta Ksetras (the other seven being Srirangam, Sri Mushnam, Tripati, Naimisaranyam, Thottadri, Pushkaram, and Badrinath) as well as one of the 108 Divya Desam or holy places of worship of God Vishnu. The major attractions of this places are; Mukti Dhara. Kunda, Gomba, Jwalamai Temple, Sri Murthy Mahatma, Swaminarayan, Saligrama,  Gomba Samba and so on. Apart from this shrine also offers you to enjoy stunning views of high Himalayan Annapurna range, Muktinath and Mustang Himal and many more.

 Muktinath Hiking tour is one of the religious and historical tours at the same time it is also a gateway to the famous religious place of the Hindus. This classic trek takes you along a holy trail to taste the contrast of Himalayan adventure and spirituality. Muktinath Hike tour is an exciting trek in the Annapurna and Mustang regions of Nepal. This spiritual tour begins from Kathmandu by exploring the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and take a scenic flight to the beautiful lake city Pokhara. We will officially begin our trekking from Pokhara and heads towards Annapurna region and progressively enter into the Mustang region. The way to the Muktinath, you will get chances to encounter with quaint Villages, Lush forests, cascading waterfalls, and impressive Himalayans. The diverse native unique culture of the people makes this trail more rewarding and we will finally reach to the Muktinath and after exploration of Muktinath, we will return back to Kathmandu.  


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